English Revised Version

The New Testament portion of the Bible was published in 1881.

The Old Testament in 1885.

For an account of this version, see Wikipedia: Revised Version

Copies of this version are becoming scarce. Facsimile copies of the 1885 edition may be purchased at: Bible Readers Museum (Facsimile Bibles)

A text version (with a lot of added material!!) is found at English Revised Version

The facsimile seems to be a version of: archived facsimile RV bible. This is the edition I own. The site says itv is "by an unknown author". This site also has a pdf which can be downloaded. It also has a text (.txt) version, which is complete, but has not been proof-read after OCR, and so is a mess. This is not acceptable!!

Amazon also has a "Parallel Bible": which only has the Revised Version--it does not include the "parallel" Authorised--available for Kindle (mobi format). It has the lot--marginal notes and appendix, but is not accurate. "blood of the slam" for "slain" for example. All quotation marks are given as commas. It is only $1.99, BUT even at that price some attempt at accuracy should be made.

I will endeavour over time to produce an accurate version.

The first portion here given is the Appendix granted the US Revision Committee with their preferred readings; promised to them on condition that the US version ("The Revised Version, Standard American Edition", now usually called the "American Standard Version") be not published until 1901.

I have tried to duplicate the layout of the original. I have however used a larger font, which means some lines are now run over two lines. The larger font does make it easier to read, especially as I have aimed for the optimum 66 or so characters per line.

I have given it as a pdf. Any recent browser should be able to read it. If it is downloaded, it can be read in a pdf reader. If it is read by the browser, it may be saved from the File menu or Tools menu as "Save page as". [If your browser has difficulty, download for free Firefox or Chrome (or if you do not want Google to get your data, instead of the Google branded Chrome, use Chromium, for Linux, or SW Iron, for MS Windows]

American Revision Committee Readings

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