The Queen Who Flew

by Ford Madox Ford

I have given this delightful fairy story told by Ford Madox Ford. in three forms--the html on Queen Who Flew, A pdf version and a Mobi version (which can be read, e.g., on a Kindle).
The Mobi version needs a bit more work, but the pdf is fine.

Online, you can read it in an html version here

You will find other versions of the text online: but even ones you pay for are pretty useless.

As an example of a free one, on
you get this sort of thing (even still in 2017!!!):

hiJi t /<'/('< t, u\ Vi'n /,(< /;

jfc rn

The Queen

a* Who Flew


[[Wikipedia: “The Brown Owl, as H Ford Hueffer, Unwin, 1892”]]

"sHirriMC or THX nu.


Over the leas tht Princess came,
On tht sward of tht cliffs that breast tht sea,
With her cfutks agfow and her hair aflame*
[[With her cheeks aglow and her hair aflame]]
lTuU snartd tht eyes and blinded them,
[[That snared the eyes and blinded them,]]
And now is but a memory.

Over the Uas [leas], the wind-tossed dream.
Over the leas above the sea,
Passe i and went to reign supreme.
No need of a crtntm or diadem
In .'he kingdom of misty Memory.

There is not much point doing OCR if you are not prepared even to do a spell check, let alone proof-read. Project Gutenberg has some useful programs that could be used--even though they are not infallible. For a similar criticism of Amazon's text of the English Revised Version see on this site. My text of The Queen Who Flew is not perfect, but it is pretty accurate.

To be fair, does have links to some very well executed facsimiles of early editions, to be read online or downloaded as pdf's. There is also a link to Project Gutenberg—whose texts are reliable. Just do not rely on, and certainly do not pay pay for, any text, anywhere, until you see a sample.

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